Our vision

As a research and product development company, we utilize knowledge, creativity and the right set of technologies to provide your business with progressive solutions.

We’ve envisioned a company whose main purpose is to research and deliver high quality products and software solutions that we are proud of.

Our Values

What we stand for

Life learners

We are a group of life-learners and hardworking professionals.

Knowledge sharing

We believe making our know-how available to everyone who want to become a better professional.

Think Simple

We focus on delivering simple and easy to understand products.

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A note from our CEO

Hi there,

Today we see a lot of teams trying to crack the next thing, to become the next unicorns, thus a lot of energy is consumed into inventing the future rather than fixing what is already there. — the result: annoyed end users.

As a company, we believe into creating a digital version of the physical processes. To achieve this, we are trying to learn about our potential users; to understand how they are solving a specific task starting from “pen and paper” up to using an app. All this to avoid users being annoyed and to enjoy using our products.

Envoice is a result of solving our own frustration with sending Word/PDF invoices to our clients. Before Envoice was born, we’ve had three processes:

  • - Sending an invoice to an existing client;
  • - Sending an invoice to a new client;
  • - Maintain the invoice list and stats in an Excel file;

The problems we’ve encountered

What we did here was copying the previous invoice, changing the invoice number, issue date, due date, invoice items and total amount. Before we send the invoice to the client, we were checking if nothing is missed and if the information is correct.

We’ve noticed a trend that we’ve always ended up in making a mistake before sending the invoice to the client. Sometimes we’ve forgot to change the invoice number, sometimes it was the issue date, the due date or the line items.

The excel file was a story in itself. Different currencies, clients and invoice statuses. It was a challenge to create any type of report.

We've spend some time to have a look over the existing apps on the market and we’ve got a feeling that the product teams have spent more energy in the app development and choosing a technology stack rather than focusing on the overall experience and how sending invoices happens in the real life.

Envoice — the making of

We’ve identified and confirmed the need and wanted to respond in a proper manner. A lot of discussions had happened in and out the office until we’ve set our goals:

  • - We wanted our customers to be able to set their Envoice account without hassle;
  • - We wanted our customers to be able to send an invoice in less than a minute;
  • - We wanted our customers to be able to able to get paid instantly on their PayPal, Payoneer and Stripe account;

We've promised and delivered. Today, I am proud to say that Envoice is the go to app for every small business that wants to manage their invoices and get paid online.

Try it out, see how it works for you. If I can be of any help, feel free to reach out on my email marjan@envoice.in.

Marjan Nikolovski
CEO, Envoice

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