You will find tools & information created and/or sold here that may provide you an opportunity to create greater success in your life. If a product was not created by Prosperous Heart, then we are an affiliate of another business.

1:1 Coaching (1 Hour)

This is for 1 hour of 1 on 1 coaching. There may be some prep work required from you beforehand in order to get the full optimized hour of our time together. If the 1 hour needs to be split additional discussions may be held to determine what is best for scheduling of all parties.

BONUS: We will take every step possible to record your session and provide to you, but there are some instances that technology may fail.


3 Week LIVE Workshop - Python

Learn from the ground up how to create effective & efficient python programs.

Make your life easier by learning from someone who's been there & can show you shortcuts.

This workshop will cover python programming basics. You will be given information on:
- how to read python code
- common best practices
- additional resources to continue your education in computer science / data science fields (STEM)
- tips, tricks, and resources
- CODE you can refer back to so you can tweak & practice with

You will also be given access to an exclusive group only for Prosperous Heart programming students.

Learn more here:


Programming Mentorship

This is a monthly program where for 1 hour each month, you will be able to attend a training, Q&A, or work on a group project. During the rest of the month, you can get your technical questions answered in relation to your training or any other code questions you may have.


1 Hour Tutoring - Programming

1 hour tutoring session covering Python programming.

All sales regarding any digital products or trainings are final. If you have paid for a workshop or training but have not yet attended, you may receive up to 100% of your investment minus your non-refundable deposit (if applicable). For all other inquiries, please contact: